Igloo Hotel, for romance

The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen (yes i know it’s very difficult to pronounce at fist) is located in Finland, which offers a crystal clear view of the nothern lights and stars, all while you’re relaxing in your room. I plan to go there. Sometime. In the near future. Very near future…. I hope.

one of the utter most amazing sights is the view of the Aurora Borealis; one of the world’s natural wonders, which is basically the burst of colored light caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. They most probably appear within the months of August to April, but the peak is mainly during the winter months.

Really beautiful.

Project A: Word

Finally done with my first typography project, in which we were given a set of words to choose from, and express them in a typographic way. We can repeat, omit, overlap the words, but cannot scale them or use shapes/lines or colors (that was the hardest part to be honest).

In compositions 1 and 2, we should only use one word and express it in our own way, whereas in compositions 3 and 4, we had to use two related words (given).

Composition 1  (compression in English & Arabic)

Composition 2 (Disruption in English and Arabic)

 I only played with the word “rupt” cause rupture means to break or burst suddenly, so it’s as if the word is breaking down.

Disconnecting the L here emphasizes on the definition of the word, which is that there is a breakage in the letter.

Composition 3 (plus minus in English and Arabic)

Composition 4 (seek & destroy in English and Arabic)

 The gun seeks for something to kill and the bullet destroys.

 (this is supposed to be looking through a sniper in case no one clearly understands). The boundary is seeking for something to destroy, and finds destroy to aim and shoot at.

I’d have to say my favorite is the seek and destroy in both English and Arabic, it’s just really crazy, and i like crazy.

while experimenting

 hahahaha this is funny, i was gonna put a stick man to destroy lol

thanks, please feel free to leave a comment

Coolest dream i had!!!


today i had a dream that i was in this “planet” (not sure which exactly) but i had to save a friend of mine, fatima janahi (hi fatma in case you ever read this in your lifetime existence). it’s all kind of a blur right now but i’ll just sum it up! There’s a villain. And a hero, me of course. and a victim, fatma. Surprisingly the villain was fatma’s mother but she was really evil so i had to take fatma away from her and THATS when i figured out that I CAN FLYYYYYYYY! (not my first time btw, i always fly in my dreams). I remember what the villain looked like..


 Ursella from little mermaid


 Wonder woman 🙂

Me before i fly…

Me when im alone in the air

and me when i had to save fatma,

 i don’t know what’s the bird got to do with this but it looks so cool like HARRRRRRR i just saved the world lol

oh and when i was flying the speed was so fast and we flew from planet to planet, and i had this gun which had this slimy thing that stings and melts the person thats being shot.

so cool. i also very often almost always actually ALWAYS have lucid dreams, which means i can control them. i was once the villain and wanted to commit a crime but there were people around me, so i said in my head “oh this is a dream i can do whatever i want” so i snapped my fingers and everyone fell asleep! HA wallah amazing.

ok bye.

Vanishing Stare

This is the utter most coolest most i-cant-stop-staring-at-it kinda thing. ESPECIALLY when it works! feels great every single time.

okay. so this is how it goes. stare at this image for about 30-45 seconds (its better if you dont blink, more effective as i noticed) and NO it’s not the kind where you have stare then look at a white wall. this is much cooler, my kinda thing. You will notice that it will start to disappear!! SO COOL RIGHT? I guess it has to do with visual perception and all that.

okay yala good night.

Expressive Typography

Before starting to work on project A, i actually did some googling, trying to get inspired by some expressive types, which were really impressive by the way, kinda got me excited in starting my own work.

Here are some photos that were pretty cool using words to define a certain something.

i LOVE the zebra and turbulence , got me so excited!!!

Rose Font

Believe it or not, i’m not really a computer person like i don’t really click with the whole DIGITAL stuff (i’m aware stuff is not a word but i insist on using it) (so don’t you dare judge all you perfect people) (lemme explain how this goes) (sentences in brackets don’t count as part of the ‘actual’ thing i’m writing)(so i’m gonna continue just about…now) but sometimes when i find a certain something quite amusing i actually stick to it.

In this first exercise of our typography course, we were asked to create and design a font typeface of our own using and write our names with it in Arabic and English. I actually also designed the whole alphabets of both languages…it was fun but the bigger reason, i did not want to work on interior. Delay is fun.


HEY. the arabic was hard to do. it may not be the most utterly 100 percent of perfection, but it’s a tiny bit just a fraction percent less than that. You can see i got excited when i knew how to change the colors and play with some effects hahaha.. cute

(i finally posted itttttt denielleeeee wooho)