official blog

hi everyone, or anyone.. is there anyone?  well hi blog. Finally i’ve created an official personal website for myself although i don’t really know how this works. I only created one because of my typography course, but it’s not that i don’t want to, i just haven’t been bothered enough, you know with all the nothings going on… Otherwise i would just be sitting there saying i wanna create a blog…one day… ONE DAY.. never works. So yes. Finally. Hello again. i’m Roudha. 20. Dubai. Interior design student. Too school for cool. Chillin like a villain. Never bored. Math is what gets me goin. No favorites. into everything. Speak 4 languages. GENIUS. in conclusion… number one prooooooooooo..craaaaaaaas…tiiiiii….naaaaaaaa…torrrrrrrrrrrr! But i’m pretty much doing alright it’s not so

I’ve got other websites in my life too you know.. i’m not a loner.. i’m socially important.. we take this Scheiße (it’s obvious i copied and pasted this word right?) (business website psschyeahh) (more into fashion oh so typical) (my not-so-interesting life)

Hopefully, i’ll be posting things like my work, my inspirations, and maybe some personal thoughts ideas etc. so stay tuned! maybe one day i become a celebrity, this is your chance to later say “i knew her before she got famous” …cool ha?


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