Rose Font

Believe it or not, i’m not really a computer person like i don’t really click with the whole DIGITAL stuff (i’m aware stuff is not a word but i insist on using it) (so don’t you dare judge all you perfect people) (lemme explain how this goes) (sentences in brackets don’t count as part of the ‘actual’ thing i’m writing)(so i’m gonna continue just about…now) but sometimes when i find a certain something quite amusing i actually stick to it.

In this first exercise of our typography course, we were asked to create and design a font typeface of our own using and write our names with it in Arabic and English. I actually also designed the whole alphabets of both languages…it was fun but the bigger reason, i did not want to work on interior. Delay is fun.


HEY. the arabic was hard to do. it may not be the most utterly 100 percent of perfection, but it’s a tiny bit just a fraction percent less than that. You can see i got excited when i knew how to change the colors and play with some effects hahaha.. cute

(i finally posted itttttt denielleeeee wooho)


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