Coolest dream i had!!!


today i had a dream that i was in this “planet” (not sure which exactly) but i had to save a friend of mine, fatima janahi (hi fatma in case you ever read this in your lifetime existence). it’s all kind of a blur right now but i’ll just sum it up! There’s a villain. And a hero, me of course. and a victim, fatma. Surprisingly the villain was fatma’s mother but she was really evil so i had to take fatma away from her and THATS when i figured out that I CAN FLYYYYYYYY! (not my first time btw, i always fly in my dreams). I remember what the villain looked like..


 Ursella from little mermaid


 Wonder woman 🙂

Me before i fly…

Me when im alone in the air

and me when i had to save fatma,

 i don’t know what’s the bird got to do with this but it looks so cool like HARRRRRRR i just saved the world lol

oh and when i was flying the speed was so fast and we flew from planet to planet, and i had this gun which had this slimy thing that stings and melts the person thats being shot.

so cool. i also very often almost always actually ALWAYS have lucid dreams, which means i can control them. i was once the villain and wanted to commit a crime but there were people around me, so i said in my head “oh this is a dream i can do whatever i want” so i snapped my fingers and everyone fell asleep! HA wallah amazing.

ok bye.


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