Project A: Word

Finally done with my first typography project, in which we were given a set of words to choose from, and express them in a typographic way. We can repeat, omit, overlap the words, but cannot scale them or use shapes/lines or colors (that was the hardest part to be honest).

In compositions 1 and 2, we should only use one word and express it in our own way, whereas in compositions 3 and 4, we had to use two related words (given).

Composition 1  (compression in English & Arabic)

Composition 2 (Disruption in English and Arabic)

 I only played with the word “rupt” cause rupture means to break or burst suddenly, so it’s as if the word is breaking down.

Disconnecting the L here emphasizes on the definition of the word, which is that there is a breakage in the letter.

Composition 3 (plus minus in English and Arabic)

Composition 4 (seek & destroy in English and Arabic)

 The gun seeks for something to kill and the bullet destroys.

 (this is supposed to be looking through a sniper in case no one clearly understands). The boundary is seeking for something to destroy, and finds destroy to aim and shoot at.

I’d have to say my favorite is the seek and destroy in both English and Arabic, it’s just really crazy, and i like crazy.

while experimenting

 hahahaha this is funny, i was gonna put a stick man to destroy lol

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