Long time no type!

Project B of Typography is coming up, and i know i haven’t updated in almost 10 days, it’s cause i’ve been EX-wait for it-TREMELY busy. yes thats how busy i was. with interior. djbdhjbfjhdvmhjxc. yes. makes me wanna dfhjghdjfbxmzbzx.

Anyway so i’ve been looking at various types which emphasize on some of the design principles that i’ve been paired up with, which are: Texture, Transparency, and Figure/Ground. they’re like the hardest ones. but it’s ok (trying to be positive, ya right it’s working).

SO. this is what i gathered from the internet.

Transparency – could be by having a lower opacity that usual, or layered letters or words which give that transparent look.

Texture – could be of actual texture or a visual effect of a texturized image or object etc

Figure and Ground – is usually related to positive and negative, but it works best with visual perception (serving two things using one base). Look carefully at the image below.




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