Project B: Collaboration

In this project, we were partnered with another student from San Francisco to collaborate on a type project. We are each assigned a pair of contrasting words (mine is Native and Foreign) along with three design principles (again mine is Transparency, Texture, Figure/Ground).

Firstly, we had to do is go out and take pictures of Dubai. The first set of pictures would reflect how i define dubai in terms of Native and Foreign. The second set of pictures must be Typography Photos that reflect the design principles, which are texture, transparency and figure/ground.

While i take pictures of Dubai, my partner takes pictures of San Francisco and then we share the photos together in order to create posters of both cities (which we haven’t done yet) (hopefully my next post).

My definition of the word-pair:

Native: To define the term native as it represents Dubai, it would most probably be concerned with the native and local people living here. The things they do, the clothes they wear, and the food they eat. In addition, the things that have always been there and originated from Dubai also defines nativity, such as language.

Foreign: Foreign in Dubai, as well as in other cities can be defined in the same way. However there are a certain aspects in Dubai that reflect what really is considered to be foreign in terms of again food, clothing, and certain activities that only foreign people enjoy.

Photos on Native

Palm trees are seen all around Dubai hence it kind of defines its look, which is considered to be native

Mosques are also seen every few blocks away from each other which again symbolizes what Dubai looks like on the inside

The typical traditional ‘Majlis’ where friends and family gather around to enjoy a good company must exist in almost every household. Native.

Coffee. Number one essential. Traditionally, ‘Dubaians’ drink their arabic coffee in these small shot cups that are native to the UAE.

Hahaha. My all-time favorite. Local men are usually dressed like THIS.

The Karak Cafeteria. Enjoyed by many locals. Would most probably consider it native because I go to it too, and so does everyone else I know. For a quick tea (Karak) and spin in the car, cafeterias define us.

Photos on Foreign

Ah burgers. Most foreign thing to eat that contrasts Dubai’s native side would be burgers (as opposed to the typical traditional rice, biryani, etc)

The foreign look of Dubai (in my opinion) which is slowly (actually quickly) starting to become THE look of Dubai.

Now although this clock has been here for years and years, the first thing i thought of when i saw it is how foreign it is, because of the choice of English numbers. When this was created, dubai was not yet that diverse.

Coffee. Again. Now that you’ve seen the native style of coffee, the contrasting subject would definitely be the Latte or Mocha, etc from the wide known Starbucks.

Typography Photos based on Design Principles


 Actual texture used to reflect the principle

 Again actual texture is used, however the white dots create also a visual effect that relates to texture

Figure and Ground

The overlapping of the Arabic letters plays with visual perception which the ideal point of figure/ground, but is also using color

Again, playing with visual perception, beautifully rigid lines create a figure/ground effect


different levels of opacity defines transparency, which is shown in the above image

By using layering techniques, this also adds up into perceiving something as being transparent

Close up of the previous image.

Design Principles Applied in Dubai


This is part of a mosque which has that effect of a texturized image

Pixelated scenery of Dubai’s skyline uses texture in a very abstract and symbolic way. This was taken on my way to the airport!

Figure and Ground

Casting a shadow, sort of mimics the actual fence, which in my opinion, serves as figure/ground because of how it is placed. Maybe?


Transparency, looking through the mosque’s somewhat Islamicly-patterned laser cut wall gives that look

Different levels of opacity.

My favorite transparency photo that defines Dubai! Perfect. The Emirates towers completely transparent with a background of translucent glass.

My apologies for making this post too long. I’m tired too. One more photo that I personally like of Dubai which captures the old and new, traditional and modern, native and foreign lies here…

Part of this fence encloses the biggest UAE flag that has been integrated here in Dubai since forever, whereas another part frames Burj Khalifa, the latest innovative project which boosted Dubai’s name.

Finally. I’m done!! uh, lemme show you how to keep the dice rollin’ when you doin that thing over there homie. LEGGO. Goodnight.


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