Remix Posters: Phase 1

In this part of the project, we were randomly given a set of audience (mine is married 40-something)  in which we had to write a persona (picture this person’s lifestyle, hobbies, personality, etc), and then we were also given an article about a certain topic (mine was about an emirati chef who has a passion for cooking traditional food) in which we had to highlight certain text that we felt can relate to our audience. Third step was to create either a fictional event or borrow an actual one in which we would create a poster for that event, where it has to be black and white, with a maxxxximum of 3 different fonts. Then i send this to my partner in san francisco and she sends me hers, and we each work on each others posters. So here goes..


Audience Persona:

Married 40-something

Lady X is a stay-home mother of four children; two boys two girls. At age 42, she is still at the verge of enjoying her forever-young life. She is a healthy woman where she exercises three times a week at the gym to stay fit. Shopping and staying up-to-date with the world is what she does best. She still hangs out with her best friends and enjoys going out with them quite often, where they get to catch up on their lives and maybe gossip a little. Despite her enjoying her life to the max, her number one priority is her family and her home. She tries to fulfill their needs in every possible way and make sure the family values are respected and followed. Always double-checking the cleanliness of the house and that everything is put in place; she has a habit of being extra organized and neat (more like a perfectionist). She loves cooking special meals every once in a while for the family and in her free time when her husband is at work and her children are in school, she loves to paint. Ever since she was a teenager, she had a passion for art, and painting is how she expresses her inner self.


Chosen Text:

The dining scene in the Emirates features a wide range of options, from five-star kitchens staffed by celebrity chefs to mom-and-pop nooks dishing out homemade Indian or Lebanese meals. Indigenous cuisine had long remained largely confined to home kitchens or ceremonial majlis dinners that are hosted by members of the royal family.


Event Setup:

Name: Edible Arrangements

Location: Dubai Media City

Date: 15 – 17 May, 2012

Time: 12:00pm – 12:00am




Project B: Posters Final

Finally after our collaboration with students from San Francisco, in which i would take a set of pictures about Dubai (refer to photos on earlier posts), and my partner would send me a set of pictures about San Francisco, and I would have to create TWO separate posters about each city, and maybe create a shared connection through design or text, etc.

My concept: is to show things that are native to each city (since native and foreign were the word pairs i was assigned to), and that’s done by the use of colors and objects i chose to incorporate such as Emirates Towers for the Dubai poster, and The Golden Gate Bridge for the San Francisco poster.

Those are the sketches that i initially made

doodles on native things to dubai

Here is what we call a Dallah, which is used for drinking arabic coffee

And here is the Ghitra, which is the traditional headpiece that men usually wear

Sketches on San Francisco, the pillars (taken from an image my partner sent me), the tram, and the Golden Gate Bridge

Transferring to Photoshop

the idea of the sketchbook and the illustrations is to show that the doodles are emerging from the books as if the sketches themselves are rising above it

Playing with hierarchy by darkening and thickening the text, and i’ve used those very beige-y colors because it relates more to dubai, especially that it’s filled with desert not to mention native things were usually in gold, brown, and beige (those shades and values) hence the choice of colors. The text color is an ink color to connect with the concept of hand drawings.

adding some splashes here and there to make it more sketchy and very natural

same idea with the san francisco poster except the sketchbook is facing downwards and the doodles are falling out, and the colors of green relate to san francisco more, it being the city of greenery as i’ve seen in the photos.


done for now!!!!

really cool typographic posters

Before starting a project i always look for REALLY. AWESOME. COOL. work that is almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to make so that i get strongly inspired and do something that could almost reach that level, like even if it’s not the same it’s still good cause my inspiration was already the maximum level of creativity y’know? it’s kinda smart actually…

Here are some interesting really cute posters that use typography i found on the internet.

cool right?

Alphabet Typeface Scavenger Hunt

During our trip to Design Days Dubai, we were paired in groups (Me, Rawdha AJ, and Gayah BF) and asked to search beyond what is right there in front of us. Meaning: create a full alphabet typeface by taking pictures of the surrounding objects and pieces in the exhibition. Our theme was taken from a collection of paintings from Nilufar Gallery / Italy, which are composed of splashed paints on canvases. From those paintings we searched for random areas that created letters.

Here is what we created/took from those paintings.

Project 2: First draft

Sorry I was unable to finish this draft, shortage of time, and my very very very low experience with illustrator took a lot of time, when I was only able to accomplish this.

Hopefully I will get back on track when I’m back from the US.