Experimenting with layouts

Just having fun with inDesign experimenting with different layouts that could possibly creatively work for a book! Here are some screen grabs of what I did


Fun on Photoshop – tuts

Soooooooooo.. i miss me too. just three more weeks and then a nice long sunny happy happy happy holiday!

But for now we’re having fun learning some cool tricks on photoshop and illustrator before we move on to our final assignment (creating the collaborative book!). So every sunday you’ll see me post a new cool type thing with my name on it or maybe some other cool word i like.

Here’s one of the tuts (short for tutorial) that i learned to do on Adobe Photoshop. I created a Glowing Text Effect of my name using this tutorial, click on it this you want to create your own.


Remix Posters + Re-Remix Poster

After the previous post of creating a posters using a limited number of fonts (2 – 3) and just black & white, relating to a specific category of audience, and a specific text, I created the Edible Arrangements poster and sent it to my partner in San Francisco.¬†She did the same using also a specific audience and sharing the same text as mine (Love for Bedouin Cusisine). She created a black and white poster as well, and sent it to me to remix it (add color, imagery, text, change orientation etc.). But I cannot omit or delete anything from her poster, I can only edit or add. And that’s what I did. So here goes.

My partner’s intended audience was grandparents.

Here’s her poster after i “Remixed” it

The black and white poster that I created,

And this is the one she remixed of mine,

Last but not least, the RE-REMIX poster that I did after i received my poster