Remix Posters + Re-Remix Poster

After the previous post of creating a posters using a limited number of fonts (2 – 3) and just black & white, relating to a specific category of audience, and a specific text, I created the Edible Arrangements poster and sent it to my partner in San Francisco. She did the same using also a specific audience and sharing the same text as mine (Love for Bedouin Cusisine). She created a black and white poster as well, and sent it to me to remix it (add color, imagery, text, change orientation etc.). But I cannot omit or delete anything from her poster, I can only edit or add. And that’s what I did. So here goes.

My partner’s intended audience was grandparents.

Here’s her poster after i “Remixed” it

The black and white poster that I created,

And this is the one she remixed of mine,

Last but not least, the RE-REMIX poster that I did after i received my poster


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