For the Lonely

So i’m in this new phase where i’m starting to find and appreciate random interesting texts while i browse the internet and i will be sharing a few that caught my attention, impressed me, or even something that i feel i can relate to. Here’s my first text slash quote post:

For the Lonely:
“There is some misconception about those that feel that they are alone. We are never truly alone, but only feel that way. Imagine you are sitting on a beach with the surf licking your feet. If you sit there long enough, the tide will come closer to you.
The sea itself wants to lick more of you.
Now, you might argue that when the tide recedes, the sea no longer wants you. This is where I’d say that there’s a misconception. It’s not that the sea no longer wants you, but the sea knows that its time has come for it to break away from you because it is now the sun’s turn. The lightening on the horizon marks the sun’s return. A new day to illuminate the world, but also to rise high and light your way through a new day.
If you choose to remain indoors, well that’s your choice, but the sun is up and is finding its way into your room and into your company. That light filtering in is the sun itself reaching out for you.
Being alone is non-existent. There is always an entire world surrounding you with its comforting arms. The sea, stars, moon, sun, and the very air you breathe are always there for you. Lay on that beach and the sand will conform to your body. Bathe in the sun and it’s light will touch each inch of your exposed skin to warm you. The moon and stars will light your way in the dark.
Loneliness isn’t because there is an absence of someone in your life. It’s an absence of realization that you are surrounded by an entire world.”

Have a blessed Ramadan y’all ❤


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